(re)discovering home


Like many people around the world, I enjoy traveling. I have written other articles about my experiences traveling and living abroad, have shared pictures of my travels on my Instagram account, and enjoy speaking with my friends about the travels that we have taken. It’s a hobby of mine and a passion.


For me, traveling is not about seeing landmarks or doing specific things. Rather, it's about connecting with a place. One of my favourite things to do when I travel is to walk around aimlessly. Sometimes I walk through residential areas looking at the homes which look so different from the houses where I grew up in Canada yet are still homes where people live just as they do anywhere else. I can recall doing this on my very first trip overseas without my parents to Hong Kong - looking up at the laundry that hung out of the windows of apartment buildings, seeing the familiar red Chinese calendars on their walls that my own grandparents have on their own. Other times I walk through urban areas looking at small local cafes where people are sitting alone while reading, writing, and working. I liked to do this when I was living in South Korea and visiting other cities, especially those along the coast like Gangneung, where I saw people sitting at windows with laptops or piles of textbooks as they faced the blue sea.