the labels that you have on



I have many labels on me. A writer of honeyhands, high school student, a queer, movie nerd, Sagittarius, and more. We all are labeled. If you think about it, almost all of us got labeled from the second we were born – starting with our biological sex.


I personally don’t like to be labeled or to label someone. To be more accurate, I don’t believe in stereotypes based on one’s labels. For example, we assign a stereotype to each blood type in Japan. However, if you think I’m sloppy because my blood type is O, which is a stereotypical way to see people with type O blood, you are totally wrong – I love organizing. I think it’s inappropriate to stereotype someone with labels that you create. Having said that, we sometimes expect others to act based on how we label them unconsciously. For instance, you might expect someone to be introverted because of the fact that they like to read books.


Labeling creates division. You can see it clearly when you look at the division between Democrat supporters and Republican supporters in the US during the presidential election. Though the new president, Joe Biden, stated that Americans must stop treating their opponents as their enemy in his first speech as a president-elect, I think it’s never going to happen until they stop labeling each other. I used to consider Republicans as people who always agree with the former president, Donald Trump, and I used to loathe them as I was not (and am not) very fond of him. However, a Republican on the Netflix series “