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June 22, 2017

Illustration by Lola Rose


Hello ❁


今回の記事も6月は"Pride Month"ということで、先週にシェアしたLGBTQIA+ films & TV seriesに続いてLGBTQIA+に関するミュージックビデオを紹介するよ!曲だけ聞くとLGBTQIA+かは、わからない曲もミュージックビデオを見るとlgbtqiaに関するものな時もある。それってLGBTQIA+だろうがストレートだろうが、結局みんなただの人間で同性が好きだろうと、生まれた時と違う性別になりたかろうと関係ないんだと改めて思ったよ。


Here's another article for Pride Month :) We shared LGBTQIA+ films and TV series last week, and we're sharing LGBTQIA+ music videos today! Maybe most of you have listened to all the songs but you didn't think that they're empowering LGBTQIA+ community. If you have your favorites and if it's not on the list, send us and let us know!!



Here's the videos :)



Zolita - "Holy"


Sia - "The Greatest"


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "Same Love feat. Mary Lambert"


Soko - "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow"


Frank Ocean - "Nikes"


Blood Orange - "Augustine"


Kehlani - "CRZY"


Hayley Kiyoko - "Girls Like Girls"


Troye Sivan - "Youth"


Troye Sivan - "Wild"


Troye Sivan - "Fools" 


Troye Sivan - "Take Me Down"



xx Ruru & Hikari

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