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July 2, 2018



Hi, everyone! This is Azusa!




I'm going to talk about how I start new things, from my own perspective, as I have been thinking about this topic a lot recently.


みんなは、なにかやりたい!と思ったらすぐに行動に移す?それとも一旦保留にしておいて、もうちょっと考えてみようって思う?もちろんこれは何をやりたいかによっても変わってくると思うんだけど… 私はいつも自分がなにかやってみたい!って思っても保留にして、ちょっと考えてみようって思うタイプ。このhoneyhands のインターンライターに応募するときも、たしか1週間くらいかかった気がする。でもこの頃、何かを始めようか悩む時間ってずっともやもやしてるし、ある意味では無駄になってしまうのかなって気づいて、何かやりたい!って思ったら、できるだけすぐ行動に移すようにしてる。これにはお金の問題や忙しさなども関わってくるから、すぐに行動することがいいことだと一概には言えないけどね。


When you like to do something, can you do it as soon as you think of it? Or can you put something on hold for a while and consider things carefully? I am sure that this depends on what you want to do. When I find something that I really like to do, I usually leave it for a while. It is difficult for me to decide when starting something. Actually, it took me about a week to apply for this position as honeyhands intern writer. But recently there was a little change in my thoughts. I realized that I might waste a lot of time while I am thinking about whether or not I should start new things. So, I am trying to take action as soon as I can lately when I find something that I really want to do. Of course, we can't say taking action is always good because you have to consider your current situation.





Now, I really want to make something. I want to make a little zine and maybe some art that has messages about social issues.

I have never thought of creating something by myself before, but as I know more about many things through the Internet and Instagram, I started thinking that making something seems rather interesting and exciting. I feel like I hesitate to face what I really like to do by making excuses for that. But, I can't know how it's like until I do it and it's okay to stop it if I don't feel comfortable about actually doing it. I might underestimate my possibility by thinking that something doesn't suit me before actually starting it. We can get a lot of information from the Internet when we want to know something, and I realized it is important to follow what I find exciting without any hesitation. Do you have anything you truly want to do recently?





I know that starting new things are followed by making a lot of mistakes. But, I am sure that I can learn from them. I started to feel afraid of being in a sort of comfort zone without trying anything. I noticed that I have liked to be in a comfort zone and do nothing in my life. It is not that easy to start something though. So, I am trying to divide something into tiny tasks and do it one by one. Doing something one by one makes me feel more comfortable and easier to take new action.





I think it is important to take care of yourself when you start doing something. I often feel down about what I have done. I am a bit afraid of being close to someone and I am sometimes not confident in myself at all. In that case, I am trying to be kind to myself. I am often too hard on myself but I realized that I might be the only one who can always support myself. I am still figuring out how to accept myself, but I want to explore ways to know more about.






These days, I am trying to say something kind to myself when I feel anxious about something, and I allow myself to have snacks as much as I want when I am really tired. When I find it difficult to get along with people, I am trying not to care about it that much and do something that makes me feel better. I think that staying positive and true to myself is good for starting new things.




What do you think? Have you tried something new recently?! Let me know your experiences and thoughts in the comments!


Images by Azusa

English Edited by Lisa


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