※None of our positions are paid, it's for experience ;)


Submission / サブミッション

Our submission mailbox is always open! Please send us your writing or art piece to be featured on our website or social media as a guest writer or artist. We also would love to hear topics you wanna read on honeyhands or questions you wanna ask us! If you wanna send us topic or question anonymously, please ask us on Sarahah. Everyone can join us <3 We're open for not only writings but also poetries, paintings, illustrations, music, short films, photographs and etc.

If you're interested, please email us below to honeyhandsmag@gmail.com:

1. Writer / Artist name

2. Your social media

3. Where you live

4. Tell us about yourself!

5. Send us your work



1. ライターネーム

2. SNS

3. 住んでいる国

4. 自己紹介 / 自己PR

5. あなたの作品を添付

(記事の場合は、WordもしくはGoogle Document)

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